Virginia Chutney Co. Hot Peach Chutney
Virginia Chutney Co. Hot Peach Chutney
Virginia Chutney Co. Hot Peach Chutney

Virginia Chutney Co. Hot Peach Chutney

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This jar of sweet fruit chutney is packed with sizzling heat. Pairs well with the creaminess of soft rind cheeses like Brie, Camembert and goat cheese. Perfect on a ham sandwich.

Product Details

No artificial colors or preservatives.
Gluten free, fat free and vegan.
Made in Virginia

Meet The Maker

Clare grew up in East Africa and Nevill grew up in England. They met in the Caribbean where they made mango and pineapple chutneys and had two sons, Oliver and Christopher.

We're not sure why they came to Virginia, but we're pretty thankful they did! When Clare & Nevill arrived in the Commonwealth they discovered that the American South had a rich tradition of chutney making. An interesting thing about chutney is how its ingredients and applications reflect the local region. For instance, in India they use tamarind chutneys with curry, the English love Major Grey's chutney with Ploughman's lunch, Caribbean cuisine serves mango chutney on fish, New England loves cranberries and maybe Laplanders enjoy cloudberry chutney on reindeer! However, here in Virginia, the traditional chutneys are peach, apple, and green tomatoes often served with cheese biscuits, ham sandwiches, cold chicken and roast pork.  

The hobby has developed into a thriving family business and the Virginia Chutney Co.'s products have since become the go-to accompaniment for charcuterie trays, cheese boards, and the quintessential sweet potato ham biscuit.