Speedy's Sauce Mixed 4-Pack

Speedy's Sauce Mixed 4-Pack

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Four of Speedy's best-sellers in one fire-y bundle. This set includes Speedy's #44 - Original Hot Sauce, Speedy's #45 - Honey Habanero Sauce, Speedy's #46 - Citrus Jalapeno Sauce, and the newest Speedy's #49 - Mango Crush Sauce.

Product Details

Four, 5oz bottles
Made in Virginia Beach, Virginia

Meet The Maker

The path to happiness starts at poetry, runs through a taco joint, and ends with a popular small-batch hot sauce cooked in Jimmy Miller's Virginia Beach shop.  

Throughout the 90's Miller spent some quality time writing poetry and hanging out at Mr. T’s Tacos, a fixture in Norfolk, Virgina. This was when he met one of the local ODU professors, Carl Boyd, who was known for trading his home-made "Death Sauce" for his beer tab. Prof. Boyd never gave up any secrets but talking about it with him gave Miller enough interest to try making some sauce of his own.

Following many years of trial and error, Miller has developed Speedy's, a line of hot sauces that offer complex and rich smoky flavor:

"Sauce should enhance what you are eating, not over power it.  Try it for yourself and start living the dream."