J. Mourat Fiefs Vendeens Rose Collection
J. Mourat Fiefs Vendeens Rose Collection

J. Mourat Fiefs Vendeens Rose Collection

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The 2019 "Owl" Rose from Loire master Jeremie Mourat is lovely. Blending Pinot Noir, Gamay and Cabernet Franc, this tasty and fresh pink gives flavors of taut red fruits, light floral tones, just ripe green herb and lifted mineral themes. A crisp and dry rose - perfect for spring and summer sipping!

Product Details

Producer: J. Mourat
Grapes:  33% Pinot Noir, 33% Cabernet Franc, 33% Negrette and 1% Gamay, all certified organic
Region:France / Loire Valley

Meet The Maker

Vignobles Mourat was created in 1974 with the purchase of the Chateau Marie de Fou estate by Jérémie Mourat’s father. Jérémie, a dynamic young winemaker, took over for his father in 2000 and has steadily been raising the profile for their region, the Fiefs Vendéens. Located an hour south from Nantes along the central coast of France, Fiefs Vendéens is the westernmost region of the Loire Valley, located 20 km from the coast. As such, the maritime influence from the nearby Atlantic is the dominant climatic influence in the region. There are two major soil types in the region 1) volcanic (with 20 to 35% quartz) and 2) schist. Mourat’s vineyards are situated on hillside vineyards overlooking the Lay Valley. Since Jérémie assumed control in 2000 he has been converting to organic farming, working naturally in the cellar, and championing the history and traditions of this winemaking region, which can trace its roots to the Romans

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