Chalk Hill Chardonnay
Chalk Hill Chardonnay

Chalk Hill Chardonnay

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 "An acid-driven beginning evolves into a bigger, richer style on the mid palate of this wine, which is richly opulent in caramel, brioche and an intensity of fig. Rounded and lengthy, it has full-figured flavor."

-Wine Enthusiast -Chalk Hill, Sonoma, California 

Product Details

Producer: Chalk Hill Estate 
Grapes: Chardonnay 
Region: California

Meet The Maker

Michael Beaulac's winemaking philosophy starts in the vineyard. Truly knowing the land, soil, and climate allows him to showcase the exceptionally pure qualities of the diverse estate at Chalk Hill. He says of his philosophy for winemaking, “Be proactive in the vineyards. Let the fruit find its balance. Do not force the wine to be anything it’s not. Let it express its typicity. Once in the winery the wine should be touched as little as possible, in a perfect vintage, we really shouldn’t have to do anything.”

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