Sometimes having a little flavor in your cabinet elevates your meal to perfection. Speedy's on your eggs, Borjo coffee and Hudson Henry granola for the gourmet brunch, TASTE House dressing and Rt. 11 chips to take your sandwich to the next level, perfect cocktail hour with Beach Crunch, TASTE of the Bay Cheese Straws and Nana's Cocina Tortilla chips. Top off the day with a dessert board featuring premium French Broad Chocolate, Grey Ghost lemon sugar cookies and some delicious Chapel Hill Pecan Toffee. Whatever you do, don't let your pantry fall short of excellence.

Speaking of being prepared, stock your freezer with Rowena's Almond Pound Cake. Toast a slice for breakfast or serve with lemon drizzle for an elegant dessert. This decadent treat is effortless.