Peter Franus, Mt Vedeer Zinfandel
Peter Franus, Mt Vedeer Zinfandel

Peter Franus, Mt Vedeer Zinfandel

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This wine brings in rich zesty fruit, blackberry, sage, clove, and spices.  Youthful, vibrant, and medium ruby in color, the nose greets you with bramble fruits, white pepper, allspice, clove, and a touch of vanilla. The flavors reflect the nose with more wild berry notes, cranberry, and a hint of coffee. The tannins are subtle and integrated and lead to a lip-smacking finish. Plenty of pleasure here.

Product Details

Producer: Peter Franus Wine Company 
Grapes: Predominantly Zinfandel with Charbono, Mourvedre and Carignane
Region: California

Meet The Maker

Peter Franus is a respected Napa Valley winemaker and an insider secret in the wine industry. For 30 years, he’s bonded with the mountain and hillside vineyards of the region, and particularly Mount Veeder on the southwestern flank of the Valley. He has made friends and found avid supporters who connect to his disarming wit and earnest approach to winemaking and to life, he has spent decades choosing the best vineyards, and he has produced small batches of highly praised, soulful and, most of all, delicious wine.

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