Jadix Picpoul De Pinet
Jadix Picpoul De Pinet

Jadix Picpoul De Pinet

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This easy drinking wine originated in France. Find yourself indulging in this warm weather selection, especially any sauv blanc drinkers. This is an excellently paired with food, and just as great on its own.

Product Details

Producer: Jadix Winery
Grapes: Picpoul Blanc
Region: Languedoc, France

Meet The Maker

Jadix is an extraordinary white wine made from the indigenous Picpoul grape in the Picpoul de Pinet region in the South of France. The vineyard is located in an area stretching along the string of lakes that make up the Thau lagoon, and bound by the ancient fishing villages of Agde, Pézenas and Sète. These “marine” vineyards” are among the oldest in the Mediterranean. Because of their prized location close to the sea, the vineyards are planted on a plateau of fossilized oyster beds, limestone, gravel and quartz soil and benefit from a sunny and dry climate tempered with the breezes from the Mediterranean. An elaborate subsoil network of fresh water and salt water conduits under the vineyards nourish the vines and contribute to the unique flavor of Jadix. Picpoul, which means “lip stinger” because of the naturally high acidic level, is a fruity, fresh, wine with delicious and slightly saline flavors. It is often described as the “Muscadet of the Languedoc-Roussillon”.

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