Hudson Henry Granola: Maple, Pecans & Coconut

Hudson Henry Granola: Maple, Pecans & Coconut

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Hudson Henry's original granola recipe, Maple, Pecans & Coconut is the ideal balance of sweet and savory. It features big flake coconut, real maple syrup and crunchy pecans.

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12oz bag
Small batch granola baked in Virginia.

Meet the Maker

This tiny granola bakery will turn you into a breakfast snob.
A young family moves from Texas into an old B&B in Virginia to raise their boys in the country, build the business of their dreams, and savor life's simple things. Small-batch, woman-owned, and handmade with care, here's their philosophy:

"At Hudson Henry Baking Co., we believe in a world where positivity and kindness are delivered on a daily basis. Where everyone feels welcome to dream big and create change. Where individuals delight their loved ones – and themselves! – with unexpected gifts. Where oats, nuts and seeds are mixed, baked and packaged with care.

We strive to help create this world every day by blending inspiration into everyday moments, focusing on people before all else, and always taking a moment to share a handful of light, delicious granola.

We promise you our very best effort."