Go Bold!
Go Bold!

Go Bold!

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Get ready to unleash your taste buds and celebrate the bold and fearless souls who dare to indulge in intense flavors and crave that satisfying crunch! We've crafted a collection of bold flavors that match the vibrant personalities of those who never shy away from a flavor explosion. Each bite is a bold statement, a fearless proclamation of your love for powerful seasonings and irresistible crunch. So, embrace your adventurous spirit and let your palate be your guide as you savor these daring concoctions, specially crafted for the brave and the flavor-hungry.

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Legally Addictive Everything Cracker Cookies
Poppy Popcorn Poppy Mix
Marimix Smoky Maple BBQ
Baum's Fried Pecans - Sweet Heat
Popadelics Mushroom Chips
Outsiders Pretzels Coffee & Cream Bites