Campet Ste. Marie Chardonnay IGP
Campet Ste. Marie Chardonnay IGP

Campet Ste. Marie Chardonnay IGP

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This burgundy style originates from France. The grapes you find in this bottle were pressed in stainless steel and aged in French oak. These features enhance the texture, aroma, and balance that makes for a must-have wine.  

Product Details

Producer: Marilyn Lasser
Grapes: 100% Chardonnay 
Region: Limoux, France 

Meet The Maker

Campet Saint Marie’s wines consist of carefully selected vines in Limoux. Limestone and clay soils coalesce on steep, rolling hills to make up the soil, but it is specifically the cooler areas of the vineyard, (locally called the “Campet”) which contribute to creating their burgundy-style chardonnay and their “terrior-driven” Pinot Noir. 

Shipping Restrictions

There are the only 14 states (plus D.C.) that allow wine to be shipped to consumers from out-of-state retailers.

WINE SHIPS ONLY TO THE FOLLOWING STATES: Alaska, California, Connecticut, Idaho, Louisiana, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Virginia, Washington, D.C., West Virginia and Wyoming.