Bee Grateful Farm Espresso Honey Caramels
Bee Grateful Farm Espresso Honey Caramels

Bee Grateful Farm Espresso Honey Caramels

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Bee Grateful Farm has combined their love for honey and craft-made candies to create the best caramel you have ever tasted. Caramels are 100% honey sweetened and contain no added sugars, syrups or artificial anything. Experience the harmonious flavors of freshly roasted Organic, Fair trade Coffee beans, and pure golden Colorado honey. Each bite melts in your mouth leaving a smooth and creamy experience of pure honey sweetened caramels. 

Product Details

4oz Bag
Ingredients: Wildflower Colorado Honey, *Organic Cream, *Organic Butter, *Organic Coffee Beans, Coffee Extract, Utah Salt. *Organic Ingredients

Meet The Maker

Hethir and Jason Rodriguez have been keeping bees since 2013. In 2016 they bought a piece of land outside Steamboat Springs CO, with the hope of starting a small garden, raising a few animals, and living more in harmony with nature. Using their expertise as a trained herbalist and a chef, Hethir and Jason became interested in the idea of making candies from local honey, a much healthier and more sustainable sweetener than cane sugar or other syrups currently being used in candy production.

They took their honey caramels and lollipops to the farmers markets to sell alongside the farm's vegetables, and they quickly became a hit, outpacing all vegetable sales at the booth. After customers started coming back week after week and purchasing 5-6 bags at a time for friends, family, and just to stock up for the winter, Hethir and Jason knew they had something special. And so... Bee Grateful Farm’s “Heavenly Honey Caramels” were born! 
Hethir and Jason of Bee Grateful Farm